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Generating pdf using mPDF library in Symfony

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In my previous article, i’ve shown you how to generate pdf using DomPDF library. In this article, i’ll show you how to generate pdf in symfony using mPDF library. mPDF has the same concept with DomPDF, generate pdf from the html content.
mPDF offers a lot of features. Here are some features offered by mPDF :

  1. Right-to-left languages
  2. Nested block-level elements (e.g. P, DIV) are supported, with enhanced CSS support e.g. margins, borders, padding, line-height, background colours etc.
  3. CSS style attributes now fully support font, font-size, color, and background color (for highlighting) plus many more.
  4. Table cell padding and borders are supported.
  5. List indenting can be defined.

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Using symfony and sfDomPdfPlugin to generate pdf

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One of the nice things from DOMPDF is the way it to generate PDF file from HTML content. In symfony, DOMPDF bundled as plugin. You can download the file here. If you want to know more about DOMPDF, please visit the site here, and if you found any troubles, you can visit this site. Read More